Homemade Dog Food

homemade-dog-foodI started looking into Homemade dog food abouta¬† year ago when I heard the news… There have been a number of instances of discoloring or issues with commercial dog food and individuals are now wondering just how safe commercial grade cat and dog food are for the family pet. Homemade dog food doesn’t take a long time to create and it can add years of life to your furry friend. Animals should be enjoying the same quality animal meat, super fresh vegetables, and sugars from the fundamentals and when you go the commercial route you just never know what you’re getting.

Don’t start stressing out because making home made dog food and treats is simple!

Dogs can eat just about any meat that us humans eat including beef, chicken, lamb, and even salmon. Check out the salmon dog food recipe for more information about that. It’s important that you cook the meat all the way through even though dogs typically have stronger stomachs than us.

Vegetables and rice are commonly added to the mix to add more substance and a ton of vitamins as well. High-quality refreshing fresh vegetables are the best and as a consequence contain more vitamins. If you want to add a bit of fiber to your doggie diet feel free to add pinto beans to the mix as well. This is a great source of fiber and your dog will love it as well.

Another huge reason to switch to homemade dog food is because a ton of dogs have grain, high fat, or even hypoallergenic issues that push them to a healthy homemade food source. Did you know that by changing the animals source of protein you can help with hypersensitive stomach problems? Since meats are often the main food source you can help with hypersensitivity by changing what meats they eat.

When you get done food preparation your entire self-made dog food, you can retail business it in the fridge suitable for 3 to 7 days. Any time you begin food preparation for your golden you’ll really see the rewards a homemade dog eating eating plan. Be sure to seek advice from my vet before starting and remember not to ever feast your dog chocolates.

If you decide to make the switch to homemade dog food be sure not to make it a drastic one. Your dog may not be able to handle such a big dietary changes so quickly, so be sure to feed the original dog food once every few feedings when changing over. Homemade dog food may seem like a huge change for you and your dog but with all the crap in everyday commercial grade dog food I think I’ll stick with all natural homemade dog food instead!