Low Fat Dog Food

It’s almost too easy to easy to give your dog extra scraps from your dinner plate every night, up until the time you visit the vet and he mentions your dog is overweight or even obese. Common sense might tell some people that a low fat diet works well for most humans, therefore, why would a low fat dog food diet be any different?  If you’re asking yourself this very question be sure to read on!

The fact is that dogs need fats.low-fat-dog-food

One of the most concentrated parts of your dogs diet comes directly from animal fats and seed oils which is something that most people don’t know. These supply the essential fatty acids the dog cannot synthesize. On top of that the carry fat-soluble vitamins around your precious pooches body. After all, they aren’t called essential oils for no reason.

Feeding your puppy a low fat diet could lead to it developing dry coarse hair and skin lesions which are highly prone to infection. In the event your dog is low on Omega-3 essential fatty acids it could eventually get eyesight issues. Omega-6 fatty acids have also been shown to have physiological effects in a dogs’ body.

A bit of knowledge

Did you know the diet of an adult dog may contain up to 50% carbs,  2.5-4.5% Fiber, .5% Fats and 10% Protein.

Your dogs needs

If you want your dog to get it’s full nutritional value it needs to eat carbs, proteins, and fats. As you can see fats are a huge part of the growth and overall development of your animal.

Instead of cutting out fats from your overweight dog we suggest cutting the amount of food eaten each meal and adding a daily walk if at all possible. In the end, a low fat dog diet may not be the best way to handle an overweight pooch!

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