How To Make Dog Treats

Healthy all natural dog treats (and homemade dog treats, too!) are a must if you seriously intend to get your beloved doghow-to-make-dog-treats away from all the garbage preservatives and bogus additives in everyday dog treats.. As you would assume, those commercial dog foods contain the same preservatives as the dog treats, and unfortunately the dog treats may contain more due to their size, packaging, and shipping methods.
I use dog treats as a great training technique and it works great, especially when I know exactly what is inside of them. Let me share a simple and effective recipe that will get you started and teach you how to make dog treats quickly and easily!

How To Make Tasty Live Dog Treats -
Liver of any type, thinly sliced to 1/4 inch or so
- Oven

- rack to dry

- Scissors

- Knife

- Air tight container
Making all natural dog treats starts with slicing the liver into thin portions with a very sharp knife no more than a 1/4 of an inch in width. This is important because any larger may hinder the drying process.
When you’re done slicing the liver, you can begin to use the dehydrator following the suggesting techniques of the manufacturer.¬†Those using an over will want to place the liver evenly on the extra rack. If you only have a pan to dry with be sure to flip the liver so that it drys evenly on both sides.
Set the over to preheat at 130-150 degrees Fahrenheit or 50-60 degrees Celsius. Do not attempt a higher temperature than this because it will ruin the nutrient base of the dog treats. All we want to do with this step is pull any excess moisture out of the liver. Opening the oven frequently ensures moisture can escape and the drying process will be completed in a decent amount of time
We want it to be dry to the touch and decently firm. You can cut your all natural dog treats into manageable bite size pieces using scissors or the same knife from before.  You can always put them back into the oven if they seem a bit soft or even a bit moist still.
Be sure to store your all natural dog treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator just like you would with beef jerky. If you’re worried that you made too many dog treats you can always put the extras into the freezer for later use.
Your all natural dog treats can be used during training exercises or whenever your dog does something good, and I can guarantee they will love you every time. Try to keep a balanced diet for your dog as to avoid excessive proteins or carbohydrates, especially for larger dog breeds. This will help your dog avoid an unbalanced diet and keep your dog happy and healthy

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